lunedì 10 maggio 2021

LetsConnect - Domani il webinar di Maggio con roadmap HCL Connection

Domani pomeriggio 11 maggio 2021 ore 15 ci sarà il webinar di Maggio organizzato da LetsConnect , relativo come sempre ad HCL Connections.

La ricetta sarà quella dello scorso webinar che ha avuto dei buoni feedback, news e 2 sessioni.

Questa l'agenda per domani:

- HCL Connections News
Hear the latest news and thoughts about HCL Connections

- Fine-tune HCL Connections to your needs
Once you finish installation of HCL Connections, there are dozens of features you can enable or disable in so called post-installation steps. Unfortunately many of the useful features are not enabled by default and therefore missed by many admins to the detriment of users. In this session we will walk through most of the features and advice how to make Connections users engaged and happy.

- HCL Connections Roadmap presented by HCL
With the most recent release of HCL Connections out the door, we are working hard on the next release. In this session we will share a preview of how the next Connections release creates a new experience that will let users enjoy fluid collaboration within Connections and beyond.

A questo link trovate la registrazione.

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