venerdì 29 luglio 2016

IBM Connections , disponibile Ephox Editor bundle, versione

IBM Connections 5.5 comprende in licenza l'installazione degli editor di testo di Ephox che a mio parere sono una parte importante da comprendere in ogni installazione.

Da circa 10 giorni è disponibile su IBM Fixcentral la versione che comprende diverse migliorie (come l'introduzione del supporto a Microsoft Edge) e bugfix:

New Features

  • Images uploaded by EditLive! in Forums are now uploaded to the Forums storage rather than to Files.
  • Integration of into Connections.
  • Java 8 support for EditLive
  • Image upload failures now display more meaningful error messages.
  • Added image upload failure message handling for an error uploading in Forums.
  • Added logDownload setting to control whether 'logDownload="false"' is added to the end of image URLs uploaded by EditLive.

Bug Fixes

  • Spelling service caused problems for when there was no port in the URL.
  • Error uploading images in some Community pages.
  • ACL functionality for @mentions.
  • EditLive! could get stuck in background mode ("freeze").
  • Renamed editlive.css to ephox.css.
  • Updated @mentions profile search URL.
  • A function call was incompatible with Internet Explorer 8.
  • A function call was incompatible with Internet Explorer 7.
  • New Activities to-do items had an incorrect title.
  • Changed EditLive! upload behaviour to stop "editlive" tag being attached to Files images.
  • Autosave in wikis was moving the caret. This fix prevents the caret moving in most instances, except when the Table of Contents macro is used.
  • Added "spellingServiceEnabled" configuration item, to permit enabling/disabling the spelling service.
  • version upgraded to 1.3.2. Edge now supported.
  • Altered URL encoding behaviour to prevent URL encoding of "!#", which was causing incorrect behaviours in certain scenarios.
  • Reduced size of "lite" editor.
  • Improved "!#" handling to handle multiple links within a single content item.
  • @mentions fixes, notably around the handling of empty @mentions links.
  • CSS fix to prevent editor overlapping pop up menus in homepage
  • Improved activities attachment deletion behavior.
  • Removed filtering of existing incomplete @mentions.

Per la procedura di installazione potete fare riferimento all documentazione Ephox a questa pagina mentre per verificare la corretta installazione potete chiamare il seguente URL


e verificare che vi risponda con le versioni aggiornate come segue:

Ephox Editors for IBM Connections has been successfully installed.

This is release

The EditLive! version in this release is
The version in this release is

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