lunedì 18 gennaio 2016

IBM Traveler disponibile

Negli scorsi giorni IBM ha rilasciato su fixcentral la nuova release di Traveler che ha un imponente numero di fix rispetto alla precedente.
In questa release viene attivato di default il ghost calendar e viene introdotto il nuovo certificato APNS per i dispositivi Apple.

Il certificato attuale scade 26 Febbraio 2016 quindi è altamente consigliabile aggiornre entro quella data.

Questo elenco completo delle fix

APAR # Abstract
LO86162 E-mail sent to recipient with nested quotes and a comma may result in delivery failure.
LO86465 Delegated repeating event may not sync to delegates mobile device.
LO86501 Attendee removed then added back to event, event may be missing from mobile device.
LO86630 Link to Companion application missing in encrypted e-mail when syncing to Maas360 Secure Mail Client.
LO86680 Notice comments appear in preview but not body of notice when viewed in IBM Verse application on Android devices.
LO86682 Event update from iOS 9 Native Calendar application may change the time zone of the event.
LO86700 Startup on Linux may create bogus directory ./data/IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT in data directory.
LO86787 Unable to set JDBC connection URL greater than 256 characters.
LO86807 Folder create on mobile device may not sync to other mobile devices for same user.
LO86831 Rapid multiple updates to calendar event from Apple device may not process all updates.
LO86871 Traveler server may run defrag more then desired on stand-alone environment when interval set to value larger than 24 days.
LO86932 Domino server version detection may fail during install if system temp directory contains special characters.
LO87022 Traveler server crash when syncing large Mime format document that is missing plain text content.
LO87112 Font may grow on Apple device when viewing e-mail with multiple in-line replies.
LO87123 Add capability to expand groups at the Traveler server level for FYI/BCC fields.
LO87238 Ghosted reschedule of a repeating event may show incorrect time if previously declined one of the even instances.
LO87241 Declined invitation moved to Inbox could cause a sync loop.
LO87243 Recognize correctly Windows 10 Tablets and Windows Mobile 10 Phones.
LO87286 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException displayed in Console.
LO87309 Event syncs to iOS native Calendar application then later disappears.
LO87331 Max attachment size in Domino Policy document may not apply to assigned user due to case mismatch.
LO87335 Traveler Web Administration app may not display a small number of users.
LO87414 Out Of Memory error running standalone to HA Migration with large number of users.
LO87442 User may receive new account ID and resync all devices when upgrading an HA environment from IBM Traveler to
LO87602 Forwarded event from BlackBerry device has event chair set in Reply-To field instead of sender.
LO87603 Calendar document copy to mail file succeeds even if exception thrown by Domino API causing server to retry copy.
LO87609 Notes doc links do not work when viewed on some mobile devices.
LO87612 E-mail may be missing body in unrecognized character set is specified.
LO87613 E-mail may be missing body if Mime format document is missing plain text content.
LO87614 Add additional tell commands to repair duplicate account IDs and missing items for a user.
LO87623 Add unique index t account table to prevent single user from having multiple account IDs.
LO87660 Updated APNS Certificates for IBM Verse Application.

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