sabato 13 luglio 2013

Domino 9 Interim Fix 2 disponibile

IBM ha rilasciato una nuova interim Fix per Domino 9.0 la 2 che comprende le correzioni sottostanti.
A questa pagina potete trovare i link per i download diversificati per OS e versione di Domino.

Al momento non sembra essere previsto nessun FP per la 9 mentre la 9.0.1 è prevista per il 4 trimestre 2013.

MKEN966HFRIHS sends back a 500 status code if mod_domino receives a 449 status code, causes Notes Traveler to fail. (Note: This is a Windows-specific SPR)
DMEA96CMVXWeb: Database with SSL redirect and missing WSIS header with connectors enabled results in looping
JPAI93JKURFull Text message: d:\notefile\mail\czimmet.ft\ftgi.P02 Read error. errcode = 3353 errno = 0
HBJW95PBZ8Pager issue in catalog XPage UI
RCAA96MV72Directory Assistance failed opening Primary Domino Directory names.nsf - Function only supported for transaction logged databases
WMUY97QFLZPanic: Insufficient Semaphores To Handle Number Of Concurrent Owned Critical Regions
MLUO96N5D2PIM Crash with Domino9 GM build
JFBM97BQUYReturn Receipt Feature Failure
NRBY978HXGOOOTerm causes Domino crash when multiple processes have called OOOInit
CCHE97QTFEOut of Office Leaving/Returning Times and Status are Incorrect
LMIL997KRRRouter stops with error: Insufficient Queue Space
SEGN974F8KDomino server crash on nTraveler task
FBAI988AC6User Cannot Encrypt/Decrypt Mail If User Has Id In Id Vault
MDOY97XJ7YNeed to revert to the 853 XPages View Navigator as the default in 9.0

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